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Dawg Daze is an exciting collection of activities and events held to welcome new freshmen & transfer students to Mississippi State. Join us daily, beginning on August 7, and enjoy all the food, music, movies, southern hospitality and fun that Mississippi State has to offer! View the Dawg Daze Activities page for details.

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    @Music_Maker Once you apply, be sure to sign up for a first round interview on Monday in the Center for Student Activities in the union!
    10:09 am Aug 20th

    RT @DrReginaHyatt: Great event @RHA_MSU @MSU_SA @BSAofMSU - fun, fun times! Perfect end to @MSU_DawgDaze #LipSyncMSU #NoSinging https://t.cpic.twitter.com/iauKRgGbGA
    10:08 am Aug 20th

    Today is the last day to apply for @Music_Maker! Go to msuconcerts.com & apply under the "Apply" tab! #MSUDawgDaze
    10:08 am Aug 20th

    Like all GREAT things #MSUDawgDaze '16 has come to an end. But let's just remember the GREAT times we had! Good luck with this semester!
    7:32 am Aug 20th

    Come by @Music_Maker 's Interest Meeting tonight in Fowlkes Auditorium on the 3rd floor of the Union! Meeting starts 5 PM! #MSUDawgDaze
    12:15 pm Aug 18th

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